ignition coil

Why do you call an ignition coil an ignition coil?

Because it’s good for igniting things πŸ˜€


The ingredients are simple:

– Ne555 based square wave oscillator

– switching MOSFET with heatsink

– ignition coil

– lab power supply


The results:

– can incinerate things

– produce ozone

– some fun

2 responses to “ignition coil

    • oh, that was a long time ago … It is basically classic multivibrator (the one with the two transistors blinking and LED) driving the gate of a medium power MOSFET which periodically closes the circuit with the primary coil. You are probably best suited by simply googling: Howto drive ignition coil. I wish you all the luck. Don’t electrocute yourself πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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